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How to know if you are suitable for these glasses before buying online

Everyone knows that buying glasses online is much cheaper than an optometrist or any physical glasses retailer. However, many people are still a little worried because we are not sure whether this beautiful-looking glasses is really suitable for us.

Seven Misunderstandings to Get Out of Glasses for Children

The summer is the peak time for students to wear glasses. Experts pointed out that there are university questions in the small glasses, so you must know a lot of precautions before fitting the glasses and emphasize science.

Maintenance skills of glasses

Qualified glasses also need correct use and careful maintenance. Improper use or maintenance, deformation of the lens frame, and grinding of the lens will affect the wearing effect and even cause damage to the eyes. So, how to maintain the glasses? What should I pay attention to when maintaining? The following editor will introduce you to the maintenance techniques of glasses.

Glasses are not as expensive as possible

There is a saying in the medical profession that “matching the wrong glasses is equal to taking the wrong medicine”, but some businesses always in order to pursue the profit of the product excessively, disregard the health of customers, and blindly recommend high-priced products to customers, which not only hurts The customer's body has even more lost the basic business ethics of a business. In line with the principle of being responsible for your own body, I hope that friends with glasses needs go to a regular hospital or a qualified large-scale optical shop to choose glasses. At the same time, it is hoped that relevant departments will strengthen market supervision and provide a healthy shopping environment for the general public.

The quality of glasses products is worrying, and they use window glass lenses

This time, the quality supervision department of our province has conducted random inspections on the quality of glasses products including lenses, spectacle frames, myopia, sunglasses, and reading glasses. A total of 62 batches were randomly checked, 54 batches were qualified and 8 batches were unqualified. , The sampling pass rate is 87.1%, which is lower than the national target of "over 90% pass rate of spectacles in large and medium-sized cities nationwide" The main problems of glasses products are: the top power of the spherical lens, transmission characteristics, lens size and thickness are not qualified. The apex power and transmission characteristics of the spherical lens are unqualified. The measured value of the apex power of the lens exceeds the allowable range of the nominal value. The difference between the apex powers of the two lenses is too large, the transmittance is low, and the lens is thick; the lens size and thickness The disqualification is because the edge of the lens is not of equal thickness, and the wearer will have visual displacement, dizziness and nausea.

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